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B.E.C has many years of experience in the field of parking and traffic control systems.

Its automated barriers, bollards, access control and pay stations can be combined to provide highly effective traffic management for applications that include office parking, residential developments and commercial car parks at locations such as shopping centres, airports and leisure facilities.

B.E.C also take care of the power supply to part P regulations and all associated groundworks. Barriers can be controlled via remote key fobs, card swipe or proximity cards/tags, biometrics,coin or tokens, underground entry/exit loops, wired or wireless entry systems.


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B.E.C Perimeter Security Ltd specialise in the complete installation of the entire BFT range – the ideal solution for access control of a public or private street for vehicular traffic.

The Automatic Rising Bollard sinks into the ground in less than 3 seconds (adjustable) by means of a remote control device ), thus clearing the way for traffic and rises back once the vehicle has passed through.

This system is very easy to use and its applications are varied. It enables not only access control to a private housing estate, company grounds or any street, but also gives an answer to urban needs in terms of remote on-line technical centralised supervision.

In case of power outage, the bollard goes down by gravity. As an option, negative security is available, locking the bollard upwards even in a power outage. This is especially useful for high security situations. Limit switch captors detect the bollard status – up, down or in motion – to activate optional peripherals such as traffic lights, control logic etc. An optional internal antifreeze heater is also available enabling the bollards to be operated in areas of extreme cold.

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