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Our tyre-killers work efficiently and fast to ensure the safety of your high security area.



Electromechanical Tyre-Killers are one of the highest security vehicle access control systems. Tyre-Killers provide high security for sensitive areas (banks, military bases, airports, embassies etc.) against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyre-Killers work rapidly, the teeth raise from the road surfaces in a couple of seconds so tyres of the unauthorized vehicle will definitely be destroyed immediately when the entry or escape is attempted, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is inactivated. Driver unit is placed to one end of the Tyre-Killer; it stands above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved. Control electronics and drive unit are stored in an electrogalvanized metal control cabinet. With the help of microprocessor controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of access control devices, card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off switch or key switch etc. besides, safety accessories like loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red/green lights can be integrated to the control electronics very easily.


Tyre-Killer Components

1、Application range:Intersection safe protection in main area
2、Material: A3 Steel
3、Surface treatment : Paint with reflective strip
4、IP rate : IP67
5、Specified color:Black and yellow
6、Length: Customized
7、Width  :520mm
8、Height:   70~90mm
9、Max loading weight: 80T
10、Spike Height :  150mm
11、Spike Thickness: 10mm
12、Drive mode: Electromechanical
13、Working Environment :   -40℃~+70℃
14、Control mode :Short range wireless remote control/drive-by-wire
15、Control distance ≤100M
16、Remote control distance: within 50M
17、Traffic light interface
18、Gang control with parking barrier
19、Material thickness:12mm
20、The whole plate forming bending, no welding


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